Main Areas of Activity

Prof. Jean-Jacques Embrechts
Applied acoustics (room acoustics simulation, theory of sound scattering, …), audio signal processing (auralisation, sound localisation, active noise control, …) and lighting techniques (photometry and colorimetry).
Prof. Justus H. Piater
Computer vision, machine learning: visual learning; appearance; object recognition and detection; video analysis, object tracking, data fusion, event detection, visual human-computer interaction, visual geometry
Prof. Marc Van Droogenbroeck
Image analysis, processing and coding (Mathematical morphology, Steganography); Video analysis (Human motion tracking, Surveillance)
Prof. Jacques G. Verly
Signal processing, medical imaging, radar (STAP), video analysis

Current Major Projects

European Commission
SignSpeak (EU FP7-ICT-STREP-231424, 2009–12)
Scientific Understanding and Vision-based Technological Development for Continuous Sign Language Recognition and Translation
European CommissionRégion Wallonne
MEDIATIC (ERDF/FEDER Project Portfolio, 2008–15)
  • TRANSMEDIA – sensors, components and systems for detection, measurement and recognition for quality control, maintenance and monitoring of infrastructure for industry and transportation
  • ENVIMEDIA – design, implementation and optimization of middleware for sensor systems in health and environment
  • 3D-MEDIA – sensors and systems for the production, processing and delivery of 3D and HD audiovisual content
Région Wallonne
AURALIAS (DGTRE-Wist2, 2007–10)
AUdio-visual immersion for Room Acoustics applications Linked with an Interactive Auralisation System
European Commission
PACO-PLUS (EU FP6-IST-IP-027657, 2006–10)
Perception, Action & Cognition through Learning of Object-Action Complexes
Région Wallonne
TELECOM (Plan Marshall, Skywin Wallonie, 2007–09)
Belgian Science Policy
Multimodal Georeferencing of 3D VHR Optical and X-band SAR Imagery

Selected Past Projects

Région Wallonne
CINEMA (DGTRE-Initiative 5, 2003–07)
Communications Immersives pour la Narration Etendue par les Mélanges Audiovisuels – Audio and visual immersion in a virtual space
Région Wallonne
Tricks for Tracking – Precise Real-Time Tracking of Objects in Video Streams
Région Wallonne
MEMPHIS (DGTRE, 2002–07)
Modélisation et mesures photométriques in-situ de la réflexion lumineuse sur les revêtements routiers – Calculations and on-site photometrical measurements of the reflection of light on road pavement samples
Région Wallonne
IC&C (DGTRE-WIST, 2003–06)
Interface Créative & Conception – Creative Interface and Design
Région Wallonne
ISACBAT (DGTRE, 2002–05)
Active noise control applied to building acoustics