Signal and Imaging Activities at the University of Liège

INTELSIG and many of the following groups and institutions are active in the e-mage technology forum.

Bioinformatics and ModelingLouis Wehenkel, Raphaël Marée
Image retrieval, classification, semantic segmentation
Liège Space Center
Optics, instruments, remote sensing
Cyclotron Research Center
Functional neuroimaging
Department of Medical Imaging, University Hospital of Liège
Experimental Medical ImagingAlain Seret
Nuclear medicine, tomographic reconstruction, scintigraphy, functional imaging methods
GeMMeGeoresources & Mineral ImagingEric Pirard
Quantitative microscopy, macrotextures and remote sensing
Laboratory for Chemical and Catalytic Engineering and Laboratory of Tumor & Development BiologySilvia Blacher, Cédric Gommes
Nanomaterials, biomedical and biochemical image analysis
Laboratory of Chemical EngineeringMichel Crine, Dominique Toye, Angélique Léonard
X-ray tomography and microtomography
Lucid GroupPierre Lecerlcq
Design engineering, human machine interaction, artificial intelligence, signal processing and cognitive ergonomics
Nuclear MedicineRoland Hustinx